North Hinksey CE School

North Hinksey CE Primary School


At North Hinksey we believe that history inspires children to ask questions and know more about Britain's past and that of the wider world.  We aim to support pupils to develop their concept of chronology so that they can make sense of the new knowledge they acquire.  We know that at the beginning of this journey, pupils concept of the past is immediate and want them to understand the process of change over time to see how we arrived here, so that they can make sense of the present. 

We believe it is important that children understand that the past is gone and that history is constructed and can be contested through the study of a range of sources. This means we encourage pupils to construct arguments, justify their opinions and become analytical citizens who can question why humans behave in the way that they do and how society has developed. The children revisit the following threshold concepts as part of our spiral curriculum:

  • Investigate and interpret the past

This concept involves understanding that our understanding of the past comes from an interpretation of the available evidence.





  • Build an overview of world history

This concept involves an appreciation of the characteristic features of the past and an understanding that life is different for different sections of society.

  • Understand chronology

This concept involves an understanding of how to chart the passing of time and how some aspects of history studied were happening at similar times in different places

  • Communicate historically

This concept involves using historical vocabulary and techniques to convey information about the past.