North Hinksey CE School

North Hinksey CE Primary School


At North Hinksey we believe that our languages curriculum should support children in deepening their understanding and curiosity of the world.  As such, we try wherever possible to provide opportunities for them to communicate for practical purposes, interleaving language teaching with teaching of other curriculum subjects and throughout their day.  Our children should leave us equipped with a strong foundation for further language learning, confident  to be able to communicate with others in another language.  

We teach French weekly as a discrete subject.  Our curriculum supports the 3 pillars of language learning (grammar, phonics & vocabulary) in a fun and interactive way with skills and knowledge being revisited and incrementally developed. 

  •  Read fluently

This concept involves recognising key vocabulary and phrases.

  •  Write imaginatively

This concept involves using key vocabulary and phrases to write ideas.

  •  Speak confidently

This concept involves using key vocabulary and phrases to verbally communicate ideas.

  •  Understand the culture of the countries in which the language is spoken

This concept involves the background knowledge and cultural capital needed to infer meaning from interactions.