North Hinksey CE School

North Hinksey CE Primary School


At North Hinksey we believe that children should be immersed in music from the very start of their journey with us.  We encourage all children to take part in music making in a variety of ways, from singing to learning to play the ukelele. 

We aim to inspire an interest and curiosity in a range of musical styles and traditions supporting children to find music that moves them and that they will continue to take joy from throughout their life as their tastes change and mature.   Children will hone practical skills and perform to a wide variety of audiences. 

  •  Perform

This concept involves understanding that music is created to be performed.

  •  Compose

This concept involves appreciating that music is created through a process which has a number of techniques.

  •  Transcribe

This concept involves understanding that compositions need to be understood by others and that there are techniques and a language for communicating them.

  •  Describe music

This concept involves appreciating the features and effectiveness of musical elements.






instrument tuition 

Oxfordshire County Music Service offer instrument tuition at North Hinksey.  All lessons take place during the afternoon in school, however, there are also out-of-school opportunities. 

For further information, contact the Oxfordshire County Music Service.