North Hinksey CE School

North Hinksey CE Primary School


At North Hinksey we believe that attuned relationships and a nurturing school environment are essential for children to thrive.   As such, PSHE is integral to the life of the school.  And it taught both discretely as part of a scheme and throughout the daily life of the school, deeply embedded into our ethos and vision.  We see this subject as a way for children to learn how to become healthier, independent and responsible members of society.  We aim to grow leaders. 

Children are encouraged and taught to identify and articulate feelings and emotions.  They revisit broad themes each term as a whole school and RSE modules are built into the summer term when they are taught under the theme of relationships.  Children are provided with skills to manage new and difficult situations positively and form and maintain relationships with a range of people.

We follow the PSHE scheme for Ealing, if you wish to look at the units before your child is taught them please email your child's phase leader or the school office.


  •  Try new things

This concept involves appreciating the range of life opportunities.

  • Imagine

This concept involves understanding how to apply knowledge inventively. 

  •  Work hard

This concept involves understanding the importance of effort.

  • Improve

This concept involves an appreciation that small improvements make big differences.

  •  Concentrate

This concept involves understanding how to become focused.

  • Understand others

This concept involves an appreciation of others.

  •  Push oneself

This concept involves understanding how to overcome doubts and insecurities.

  • Not give up

This concept involves the understanding of the importance of persistence.